Pretty Celebs You Probably Didn't Know Were Vegetarians

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Famous female vegetarian celebrities

A list of the hottest vegetarians. Ever since the beginning of time (or at least Earth), humans have snacked on plants and all types of food that wasn't meat. While vegetarianism started gaining mainstream acceptance during the 1960s when hippies popularized the diet, only recently did it start becoming more normal, and actually accepted by even the most red-blooded carnivore has begrudgingly stopped cracking jokes at vegetarians. Do you know why? Because as vegetarianism has become popular, no, not because of The Smiths song but instead because the number of hot vegetarians has grown exponentially over the years. Before, vegetarians were seen a raggedy. Not so much anymore. In fact, every year, PETA hands out its Sexiest Vegetarian of the Year, which is bestowed on a person who fits that bill.

There are no shortage of hot vegetarians. When you can count Hayden Panettiere, Olivia Wilde, Natalie Portman and Carrie Underwood as vegetarians, it's clearly become way more than a movement. There are a slew of other singers, athletes, models, actresses and comediennes on this list who be described as the hottest vegetarians. Not only is being a vegetarian a wise choice for your health, but also seems to get these ladies recognition outside of their work. 

This is the list of the hottest vegetarians living today. If you notice that someone is missing from this list, feel free to add her. Vote or re-rank this list according to who you think is hottest vegetarian in the world.