The Hottest Video Game Hunks Of All Time

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We are ranking the hottest hunks in video game history! From sexy action heroes to lean mean bad boys to nice guys with hearts of gold, this features the hottest male video game characters across every genre. The most attractive male characters in video games are going to be the ones who charm us with their alluring personalities all the while looking like absolute beefcakes.  

Male video game characters like Ryu, Jin Kazama, and Sol Badguy are considered the hottest hunks in video games due to their physical features and mental fortitude to fight anyone who comes in their way establishing themselves as some of the most badass protagonists in video games. Meanwhile characters like Varl, Iron Bull, and Cayde-6 charm us over with their kind and attentive nature and larger than life personality making them some of the greatest RPG characters ever. Then there are characters like Dorian Pavus, Seer, and Solider 76 who got both personality and looks and stand out as some of the most iconic LGBTQ characters in video game history. Which male video game character do you think is the hottest?

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  • Leon Kennedy

    Leon Kennedy

    Dead by Daylight, Infinite Darkness, Resident Evil 6
    502 votes
    • Characters by Series: Resident Evil

    With his chiseled jaw, perfectly styled hair, and piercing blue eyes, Leon S. Kennedy quickly became a fan-favorite in the Resident Evil series. His unwavering determination to protect others and take out threats only adds to his appeal.

  • Dante
    Devil May Cry, Devil May Cry 2, Devil May Cry 3: Dante's Awakening (SE)
    424 votes
    • Characters by Series: Devil May Cry

    Not only is Dante an extremely skilled demon hunter from the Devil May Cry series, but he also carries a smoldering intensity and charismatic charm. His cool, confident demeanor combined with his skillful use of melee weapons and guns make him an unforgettable and alluring character. And let's not forget his signature silver hair and crimson trench coat - an absolute fashion statement.

  • Cloud Strife
    Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy VII
    298 votes
    • Characters by Series: Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy

    Cloud Strife, the iconic hero of Final Fantasy VII, wields his massive Buster Sword with grace and skill. His tousled, bright blonde hair and expressive blue eyes have fascinated fans for years. Cloud's determination and emotional depth make him not just an incredible fighter, but also an attractive character.

  • Joel
    The Last of Us Part II, The Last of Us: One Night Live, The Last of Us: Left Behind
    378 votes
    • Characters by Series: The Last of Us

    As a tough, rugged survivor with a tragic past from The Last of Us, Joel Miller has won the hearts of many. His gruff exterior belies a sensitive and fiercely loyal man capable of love and sacrifice. The depth of his character, combined with his impressive beard and piercing eyes, make Joel an irresistibly attractive figure.

  • Sephiroth
    Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy VII, Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII
    297 votes
    • Characters by Series: Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy

    The brooding antagonist of Final Fantasy VII, Sephiroth, brings a dark and intense allure to his character. With his iconic long, silver hair and piercing green eyes, he exudes power and mystery. His legendary sword and unmatched combat skills only add to the mystique, making him an attractive figure despite his villainous ways.

  • Chris Redfield
    Dead by Daylight, Village, Resident Evil 7
    283 votes
    • Characters by Series: Resident Evil, Marvel vs. Capcom

    As a founding member of the BSAA in the Resident Evil series, Chris Redfield exudes charisma and strength. His steely demeanor and unwavering sense of justice are complemented by his muscular physique, making him an admirable and appealing protagonist. Plus, the man can rock a tight-fitting uniform better than anyone else.