The Hottest Video Game Hunks Of All Time

We are ranking the hottest hunks in video game history! From sexy action heroes to lean mean bad boys to nice guys with hearts of gold, this features the hottest male video game characters across every genre. The most attractive male characters in video games are going to be the ones who charm us with their alluring personalities all the while looking like absolute beefcakes.  

Male video game characters like Ryu, Jin Kazama, and Sol Badguy are considered the hottest hunks in video games due to their physical features and mental fortitude to fight anyone who comes in their way establishing themselves as some of the most badass protagonists in video games. Meanwhile characters like Varl, Iron Bull, and Cayde-6 charm us over with their kind and attentive nature and larger than life personality making them some of the greatest RPG characters ever. Then there are characters like Dorian Pavus, Seer, and Solider 76 who got both personality and looks and stand out as some of the most iconic LGBTQ characters in video game history. Which male video game character do you think is the hottest?

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