The Hottest Women in Indie Music Right Now  

Knut Bjark Arrundsen
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Indie rock is raw, aggressive, and some would argue that it's music in it's purest form. Indie rock doesn't play the by rules, doesn't adhere to anyone else's standards, and the musicians in the indie scene right now are keeping that tradition alive and well. Another good thing about the indie rock scene right now is that a lot of the female singers are super hot. Who are the hottest indie singers? Well, they're all right here on this list, and you can vote up whoever you think is the hottest of these ridiculously hot indie musicians. These girls aren't just sexy, they're talented, they're real, their passionate... and that just makes them even hotter. I don't think you'd find anyone that would argue that these hot singers aren't some of the hottest musicians of all time... based not only on their looks but on their talent, attitude, and live performance chops as well.

So, who is your pick to take the number one spot on this list of hot indie musicians? Be sure to vote up your favorites! From Meg Myers hot photos, to hot Lykke Li pics, this list has a little something for everyone.
Theresa Wayman
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Lykke Li is listed (or ranked) 4 on the list The Hottest Women in Indie Music Right Now
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