Beautiful Celebrity Women With Adorable Freckles

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Here is a list of beautiful women with freckles, including actresses, models, and musicians. These ladies have that girl-next-door sun-kissed look that only enhances their pretty looks. While some celebrities with freckles cover up their sun spots with foundation or makeup, the ladies on this list often show them to the world.

Freckles can be found on anyone no matter what their genetic background is; however, the amount of freckles that one may have is genetic. Freckles are common on children and adolescents but tend to fade with age. Redheads (like Emma Stone and Lily Cole) are more likely to have freckles than brunette and blonde-haired celebrities. Many people wonder, "Does Megan Fox have freckles?" because it is very rare that you see them in photos of her despite how cute they look.

With all of the makeup and professional stylists in Hollywood, freckle-face celebrities are rare to come by. These ladies are more than just hot or sexy, they are some of the most stunning natural beauties in the entertainment business and are an inspiration to girls with freckles everywhere.

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