Celeb Women Who Can Totally Pull Off Short Hair

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The most beautiful women with short hair are among the most stunning celebrities in movies, television, and music who don't need long locks to look fabulous. Varying between the modern bob, the pixie cut and anywhere in between, these women have the bone structure to be among the most gorgeous celebs of all time even with the shortest hair around.

For some of these blonde and brunette celebrities, short hair is the norm. Actresses like Halle Berry, Carey Mulligan, Cameron Diaz, Michelle Williams and Charlize Theron more often than not sport the short look and do so strikingly. The same goes for singers like Rihanna, whose often changing, but usually short, hair has earned them spots on the most alluring female pop singers lists for a while now. Famous short haired models are also on this list. Who is your favorite short hair celebrity woman?

Others who made this list have cut or shaved their hair off for a role and for at least a small part of their career in Hollywood looked great while it lasted. Few can forget when Natalie Portman shaved her head for V for Vendetta. Others like Emma Watson, Jessica Alba,  and Rachel McAdams have varied their locks between long and short, not losing a bit of their beauty while doing so.

So which do you prefer? The often short-haired beauties of those who once in a while cut their tresses way short? Regardless, everyone can agree that all of these celebrities are hotties with short hair or long. Vote up your favorite short-haired babes!