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Ever since they were founded in 1963, the X-Men have always had a wide array of hot women who filled its pages (how ironic, given the male centered title). Every new iteration and team brought yet another beautiful woman or two. Better yet, they were smart, cunning and powerful women. Sometimes even leading the X-men, Storm lead the "Gold" team in the 90's and Kitty leads... almost all of the teams now. There's even an entirely female team in the books right now, the book is called quite simply: "X-Men."

Throughout the decades of clothing and hairstyles (Storm's mohawk and Pixie's... pixie cut) and whichever your "type," (there are no shortage of blondes in the mix, but I think there are more red-heads in the X-Men than any other super team) here are the Hottest Women of The X-Men.

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