How Many Hours Of Sleep You Need Based On Your Zodiac Sign

This might be the last thing you'd ever turn to astrology for, but did you know there’s totally a way to know just how much sleep you need based on your zodiac sign. Of course, the National Sleep Foundation recommends anyone above the age of 18 gets seven to nine hours of sleep every night. The foundation also recommends no less than six hours of sleep and no more than 10 hours of sleep. But where is your sweet spot in all of this? Well, it could very well depend on your zodiac sign. Specific signs get more energy from sleep, while others may charge their batteries through social interactions or career ambitions. Likewise, these are also signs that are more connected to the lunar cycles (here’s looking at you, Water signs), and so they benefit from resting when the moon is hanging high.

You zodiac signs can tell you a lot about yourself, from what your greatest weakness is in life to how you, um, perform in the bedroom. And yes, your zodiac sign can also tell you how much sleep you need. Find your what your shut-eye sweet spot is below.

  • The Aries is both the first sign of the zodiac and a Fire sign. For both of these reasons, Aries loves being Number One more than just about anything else in the world. They are driven by their passion, ambition, and competitive edge. Because of this, Aries doesn’t need the recommended seven to nine hour of sleep. In fact, sleeping this much would agitate an Aries, as there’s simply too much to get done to sleep that much. They can easily survive on a solid six hours per night, as it's the minimum amount recommend.

    They are also known to pull the occasional all-nighter when there’s work to be done. Who needs sleep when you're trying to conquer the world, right, Aries?

  • Taurus is easily the most indulgent Earth sign, and they like to enjoy whatever they do. They are drawn to projects which work their hands, like gardening, cooking, and knitting. They get their energy from such projects, as it connects them with the Earth. However, this sign can also be very a bit too indulgent when it comes to sensory and sensual pleasures. Taurus will overeat, overdrink, and, yes, oversleep, even though they only need the recommended seven to nine hours of sleep. Anything over that is just Taurus being its self-indulgent self.

  • Gemini Fluctuates Between Needing No Sleep And All The Sleep
    Photo: Fastolf Master / Wikimedia Commons / Public Domain

    Gemini is the sign of the twins, which is how many define this Air sign, as it often seems like two or more personalities are alive inside one Gemini. They are adaptable, curious, and distracted. They hate commitment and have about 45 ideas in their head at all times. Due to this bouncy personality, they are an extremely social sign and fear missing out on a good party. Because of this, the Gemini will sacrifice sleep in the name of a fun time. But that’s okay because Gemini bounces between needing nine hours of shut eye and only needing a 45 minute nap in the span of two days. Really, no one knows how the Gemini will be on any given day and how much sleep they will need.

  • Cancer Will Never Have Enough Sleep
    Photo: Fastolf Master / Wikimedia Commons / Public Domain

    Cancer is something of a homebody. Like all other Water signs, they are highly connected to their emotions. This brings out their nurturing, romantic, and occasionally insecure personality. They feel best in a domestic environment and truly get their energy from their happy homes. For this reason, the Cancer charges their batteries curled in their comfy bed. There is absolutely no way the Cancer can ever have enough sleep, so they can feel absolutely fine about the 12 hour nap. They literally needed it.

  • Leo Thrives More Through Naps Than A Full Night’s Sleep
    Photo: Fastolf Master / Wikimedia Commons / Public Domain

    As a Fire sign, Leo is naturally high-energy. In fact, all Fire signs can forgo sleep if necessary, as they as passion people who are energized from within. Leo also finds their energy from being the center of attention. Yes, having all eyes on the Leo will literally charge them up the same way a good night's sleep will.

    That said, Leo really thrives off their naps. They can live a life in which they get an average of five hours a sleep per night, but they make up for it with a massive two-hour nap every other day. Since Leo’s is represented by the lion, these cat naps help them connect with their inner king of the jungle. Plus, there's something very luxurious about a good nap - Leos naturally feel like they deserve the best in life.

  • Virgo is known as the hardest working sign of the zodiac. They are dedicated, practical, reliable, and logical. They prefer following their head rather than their heart. That said, Virgo does need to tear themselves away from their work to get that solid seven hours. Yes, they would totally just work for 24-hours straight if they could, but they need to be well rested in order to function like the hard workers they are. It’s also recommended that the Virgo indulges in a nice 12-hour deep sleep every once in a while, as they truly need the relaxation.