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23 Adorable Videos of House Cats Meeting Big Cats

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When it comes down to it, your house cat probably believes they are actually a lion, tiger, or cheetah - strong, powerful, and deadly. But have you ever wondered what would happen if your adorably domestic little furball ever actually met a big cat in person? These videos of house cats meeting big cats may finally answer that question.

These ordinary house cats have come face to face with tigers, bobcats, and other much larger versions of themselves. In some of the videos, you’ll see domestic cats and wild cats playing as if they’ve been bros their entire lives. In others, you’ll find house cats who couldn’t be less amused to find a bobcat on the other side of their glass patio doors. You may even find a house cat foster mom or two who stepped up to the plate to raise big cat cubs.

So whether you’re a fan of big cats, small cats, or exotic breeds, scroll through and see how the many branches of kitty-kind interact with their super distant cousins. To friendship!
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