Famous People You Forgot Guest Starred on House 

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The greatest sarcastic TV doctor of all time, House M.D., had plenty of famous people throughout his eight-season, 177-episode-long run.  These actors typically had episode-long guest appearances on House, as opposed to brief cameos, and many times these guest stars were so impressive that their performances stole the show.  
Michael B. Jordan is listed (or ranked) 1 on the list Famous People You Forgot Guest Starred on House
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Episode: Love Is Blind
Role: Will Westwood

In this season eight episode of House, Jordan plays a blind man who is dealing with a mysterious illness at a terrible time, shortly before he’s going to propose to his girlfriend. His condition worsens and the team initially saves him, but he feels his side effects are worse than dying would’ve been.

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Episode: Detox
Role: Pam

Seyfried appeared in the first season of the show, playing Pam, the girlfriend of Keith Foster. Her boyfriend is the patient focused on this episode, who coughed up blood while driving, resulting in a car accident. This was shortly after her role as Karen in Mean Girls, so definitely a change of style, but she also appeared on CSI and Law & Order: SVU.

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Episode: Games
Role: Jimmy Quidd

Before Renner was staring in Avengers movies, he appeared n the fourth season of House as a punk rock musician who falls ill, collapsing right before going on stage. In addition, he’s coughing up blood and dealing with a fever, and discovering his diagnosis becomes House and company’s top priority in this episode.

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Episode: Open And Shut
Role: Julia

More commonly known as Lori from The Walking Dead, Sarah Wayne Callies starred in this season six episode of House back in 2010. Her character Julia is in an open marriage, which is evident from the opening scene when she’s about to hook up with someone, but her husband unexpectedly drops in to pick up something.

Instead of getting angry, he apologizes for interrupting and leaves to let her do her thing, but she begins having intense abdominal pain and winds up in the hospital, being treated by Thirteen, Chase, Forman, and Taub, who is intrigued by her open relationship.

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