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All the People the Underwoods Took Out (And Why)

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This list would like to take the opportunity to break the fourth wall and tell you that there are ~SPOILERS~ ahead. Watch your back!
If you’ve been keeping score, the bodies continue to stack up with each season of House of Cards. The masterminds behind all of the House of Cards murders are the bloodless, stop-at-nothing Underwoods. If you’re a character in the ambitious world of this power-mad couple, you’ll find yourself (or at the very least, your career) in their crosshairs sooner rather than later. Let’s survey their handiwork, shall we?
Underwood murders examples: James Miller got taken hostage just as Tom Hammerschmidt’s damning Herald piece was about to hit the streets. The Underwoods made sure that he didn’t make it out alive as a distraction tactic. And because lapdog and Frank-obsessed Doug Stamper exists, Anthony Moretti never got his life-saving liver transplant. Speaking of Stamper, Rachel Posner is never going to celebrate another birthday. She was used as a political pawn in the Underwood administration and then unceremoniously run over by Stamper.
Who did Frank kill on House of Cards? Zoe Barnes got herself entangled with Frank and ended up on the business end of a moving train. Peter Russo’s run for the Pennsylvania governor’s house came to an end in a garage, inside a running car. And the Wharton’s dog might have had a chance of surviving a car accident, but Frank got there first.
Let’s examine the many direct and indirect deaths for which the Underwoods were responsible. If you’re out and about and reading this list on your phone, best not stand too close to the edge of the train platform. Frank might be right behind you. And for more bloody political thrillers, check out these other shows like House of Cards.

  • Rep. Peter Russo
    Photo: Netflix
    Who He Was: Representative and almost governor of Pennsylvania whose interest in alcohol and prostitutes made him vulnerable to the Underwoods. 

    What He Did: Became an unwitting foil in Frank’s plan to become VP.

    How He Died: As Russo talks about coming clean, Frank swoops into take advantage of his weakened state. Frank encourages Russo to ease his pain by drinking more and telling him he’ll face his problems tomorrow. After Peter passes out in his car, Frank turns on the engine and leaves Russo in a closed garage, where he dies of carbon monoxide poisoning.
  • Zoe Barnes
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    Who She Was: An up and coming journalist and Frank's lover.

    What She Did: Got too close to what and who the Underwoods really are, threatening to turn in documents that could implicate them in Russo’s death.
    How She Died: Frank unceremoniously pushed her in front of an oncoming subway train.
  • Rachel Posner

    Rachel Posner
    Photo: Netflix
    Who She Was: A call girl.

    What She Did: Although this one isn’t directly due to the Underwoods, one could say that Stamper’s use of Posner to screw up Russo’s political career to help Frank's career doesn't make them innocent either. In an effort to get away from Stamper, Rachel nearly kills him with a rock in season two. She flees to New Mexico and lives as Cassie Lockhart.
    How She Died: Stamper finds her and kidnaps her. He takes her out to the desert and just when it looks like he’s about to let her go, he flips a u-turn, and runs her down with his van.
  • Lucas Goodwin

    Lucas Goodwin
    Photo: Netflix
    Who He Was: Reporter and boyfriend of Zoe Barnes.
    What He Did: Goodwin becomes obsessed with the Underwoods and what happened to Zoe Barnes. He gets out of prison, and slips his witness protection cover to track down proof of the Underwood’s culpability in her death, Peter Russo’s death, and other nefarious deeds. 

    How He Died: When he’s thwarted once again in nailing the Underwoods, he attempts to assassinate Frank, but trades bullets with Meechum. They kill each other, but not before Goodwin manages to seriously wound Frank.