32 Facts You Didn't Know About House of Cards 

start slideshow Joanna Varikos
Updated November 6, 2017 159.9k views

With a stellar cast and a production team that effectively launched Netflix's original programming, House of Cards is playing all the right hands. Now heading into its fourth season, the political drama is showing no signs of slowing down. As all House of Cards fans know, Frank Underwood is no stranger to secrets, and even the show has a few to divulge. This list features all kinds of behind the scenes facts, House of Cards trivia, and even a few Easter eggs that you might not have noticed during that initial binge watching session.

While House of Cards seems to be all business upfront, you might be surprised to learn that the producers of the show sneaked in some rather interesting tidbits here and there for dedicated fans to find. Do you recognize any of the names in Peter's sexual history log? Take a close look! And did you know there was a chance the series may have never happened? That's a scary thought. There would have been no show without the right Frank Underwood, and just FYI, there was only one Frank Underwood in mind. In fact, the entire lead cast, including Robin Wright, Kate Mara, and Nathan Darrow, was put together based on first choice talent that basically involved six degrees of separation.

With all the details that go into making House of Cards, here is a whole bunch of trivia about the show that may surprise you. Vote up the most interesting facts that most surprised you, and buckle up for whatever the Underwoods have in store for viewers and fans next!