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The Creepiest And Most Bizarre Works Of Art On Display At The House on the Rock

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Calling the House on the Rock a museum doesn't feel quite right. The structure, which is located in Spring Green, WI, is more of a meditation on how weird things hidden in houses can become even stranger tourist attractions. Although many of the creepy items and artwork on display at House on the Rock have no actual historical value, the house is certainly a unique place to stop and spend a day. 

The creepy story behind the House on the Rock involves a man named Alex Jordan. He wanted to be an architect, but had no actual training. He designed and funded construction of the house anyway, back in 1945, and then secretly began filling it with the unusual things that he collected. Word got out, and by 1960, the house was officially open for business. 

So, what will you see there? The House on the Rock's hidden art includes angels, a giant carousel, and even a music room – though all of that is much stranger than it sounds. The house is so bizarre, in fact, that Neil Gaiman described it as an otherworldly portal in his acclaimed novel American Gods. Whether you consider it roadside kitsch or bizarre art, there's nothing else quite like the House on the Rock.

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    A Fake Head In A Glass Jar

    Photo: Lauren Poe

    Although the Streets of Yesterday section of the House on the Rock is based loosely on actual history, it's more like viewing the past through a funhouse mirror. Take the sheriff's station, for example. It looks more or less how you would expect – except for the severed head floating in a glass jar.

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    An Old Scuba Suit

    Photo: Lauren Poe
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    The World's Biggest Indoor Carousel

    Photo: firepile / flickr / CC-BY-NC 2.0

    The House on the Rock's Carousel Room is a creepy work of art. The namesake carnival ride – the largest in the world – is filled with over 200 creatures that spin in a circle, illuminated by thousands of lights and over 180 different chandeliers. Hundreds of mannequin angels are suspended overhead.

    The carousel is a little bit different from others you've seen. For one thing, it has absolutely no horses on it. For another, you can't ride it – although it does rotate regularly all day long.

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    Mechanical Musicians

    Photo: Lauren Poe
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