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Housekeepers Reveal The Most Scandalous Secrets They Know About Owners Of The House

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If you've watched enough telenovelas, you know...the housekeepers know everything.

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    A Double Life!

    From Redditor u/MiloMolly:

    I used to do housekeeping for a while. I found out that the guy i worked for had a wife AND a mistress. He would bring each at different times to his vacation apartment that i serviced. It was sad because when he was with his wife he was really sweet and sensitive and they would just have a relaxing time if i did happen to see him. They would also clean up after themselves a little so the job was a bit easier while they stayed.

    When he would bring his girlfriend he was much ruder to me in front of her (i think trying to be suave and look powerful) and they would both trash the place, she would always leave her underwear, dirty dishes, bottles and cigarettes everywhere.

    He didn’t know (or at least didn’t acknowledge) that these women were clearly different people. He referred to both of them as his wife and would call them both “babe”. He seemed unaware or uncaring that i clearly knew they were different women. One was 20 years younger than the other!

    I felt sad for the wife because she clearly didn’t know about her husband’s mistress but it was such a well paying job and i needed the money so i never said anything.

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    She's Keeping The Baby

    From Redditor u/Wrest216:

    This was a while ago when i was a custodian at a nice residential tower. One guy would show up around 6 pm everyday from his job( when i was just starting). One day his girlfriend shows up in the parking garage, as im walking by. They start a LOUD arguement, and i cant help to overhear. She says she is keeping his baby, etc. Week Later, found out he is married with 3 kids already. Even met the kiddos a couple of times in the halls. YEAH. Wow. But i dont think he knew anybody was nearby with that arugement...

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    Maybe She Wants A Dog

    From Redditor u/Kantotheotter:

    Man of the house ask me and the other cleaning crew ladies if we have ever seen this type.of dog leash. Holds up what is clearly a under bed restraint system looking confused. I didn't say shit. We all looked at each other like "f*** no im not telling him" he says "mmm, maybe she wants a dog. Why was it under the mattress ???" He just wandered off dragging this thing behind him.

    He was a nice guy worked a lot, tipped well, gave us holiday bonuses. She was a trophie wife, and was not nice to him. They divorced while i still worked their, he got a dog named mayonaise and was much happier. It was a rescue grey hound. Sweet dog. I don't live in that town anymore but i hope mr jim is happy still.

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    One Of The Dumbest Minds In The Nation

    From Redditor u/Zero111of160cru:

    A couple years ago I had a client who's daughter was drunk driving and hit something or someone (not clear). She was caught, had her license taken away and had to go to AA. She didn't go and was caught drunk driving again so she was facing prison time. That's when her parents suddenly "discovered" a once in a lifetime opportunity for her to finish getting her degree in Israel. The court allowed this (I'm assuming they have a damn good lawyer) but they told everyone that the reason she left is because she was singled out as one of the top minds in the nation. The only reason I know about it is because I saw the court papers on her bed before she left.

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