Unspeakable Crimes An Entire Community Made A Vigilante Pact To Kill The Town Bully And Kept It Quiet For 30 Years  

Rebecca High

Ken Rex McElroy was a misogynistic bully who committed not-so-petty crimes and terrorized people throughout his small Missouri community in the 1970s. This video tells the story of his misdeeds and how an entire town came together to rid themselves of the man.

After a rough upbringing, McElroy cycled through several messy marriages — including one to a 14-year-old — and fathered ten children. He was abusive, and his teen bride eventually ran away. McElroy tracked her down and shot their dog, then burned down the house in which she was hiding.

Through the rest of the '70s, McElroy was indicted but acquitted for multiple counts of gun threats, attempted murders, and causing serious injuries. What McElroy didn't count on, though, was that the town residents were concerned about the safety of their own community, and they didn't take kindly to McElroy publicly proclaiming his intention to continue wreak havoc.

What happened next was a very public event which left McElroy dead—but absolutely no eyewitnesses came forward. In fact, the townspeople have never admitted what happened to McElroy. It's widely believed, however, that the residents did away with him and kept quiet about it. Learn more about this unusual vigilante community by watching the video below.