Every Inaccuracy In The 'Stranger Things' Version Of The Early '80s

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Stranger Things is a catchall vision of the 1980s in which the government is conducting freaky mind experiments on children and creatures from a parallel dimension are running amok in Hawkins, Indiana. The clothes, props, and sets look amazing, and they’re good enough to inspire nostalgia in viewers who weren’t even alive in the greatest decade - but how accurate is Stranger Things to the '80s?

The crew behind the series puts in a crazy amount of work to make Stranger Things look as period-accurate as possible, including the Starcourt Mall where the kids hang out in Season 3, but sometimes anachronisms slip through. Don't let this ruin the show for you - it's still a lot of fun and there's nothing wrong with jamming to the Smiths a year before their first album was released. Whether it’s cars, songs, or toys, these items shouldn’t exist in Stranger Things

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