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Here's How All Of The American Horror Story Seasons Are Connected

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If there's one thing American Horror Story fans love more than pig men and demon babies, it's trying to figure out ways every season of AHS are linked, and this season is no different.

Though AHS is ostensibly an anthology series where each season starts over with a brand-new theme, there are dozens of connections that thread from one season to the next, from the reappearance of major characters like Dr. Arthur Arden (James Cromwell) and Billie Dean Howard (Sarah Paulson), to little teasing clues like a certain brand of instant coffee.

Does every season take place in the same universe, or are all the episodes the same timeline? Fans have imagined some crazy and compelling theories about how the seasons connect on American Horror Story (some of them so complicated Reddit couldn't even handle them). Is it all a documentary? Or does every new season represents another rung down the ladder to Hell?

If you need more proof every season of American Horror Story is connected, show creator Ryan Murphy himself has said as much. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, he said, "They're all connected... They're all very separate but there's clues every season that we're now telling you how the different worlds are intertwined."

Here you'll find the definitive and ever-growing list of proven connections, fan theories, hints, and callbacks that try to tie together the entire American Horror Story universe.

  • The Even- And Odd-Numbered Seasons Take Place In Different Universes

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    What if all of American Horror Story comprised not one connected universe, but two? Zemrazjarr on Reddit argues that the even-numbered seasons (2, 4, and 6; or Asylum, Freak Show, and Roanoke) share one universe, and the odd-numbered seasons (Murder House, Coven, Hotel, and Cult) another.

    Zemrazjarr says:

    "In Freak Show (4) we see that it's unquestionably the same universe as Asylum (2) and then when Roanoke (6) rolls around we also see that it is unquestionably linked to Freak Show and Asylum. Then in Hotel (5) we see that it is definitely set in the same universe as Murder House (1) and Coven (3). But as far as I can see the odd seasons and the even seasons aren't linked at all (unless I'm missing something)."

    To be fair, this theory somewhat falls apart at the odd-numbered Season 7: Cult, which shares Twisty the clown with the even-numbered Season 4. Other Redditors raised other doubts, but it's an interesting theory all the same.

  • Journalist Lana Winters Visits Both Asylum And Roanoke

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    In Asylum in 1964, journalist Lana Winters (Sarah Paulson) attempts to investigate the mysterious Briarcliff Manor and winds up trapped inside, where she is tortured with conversion therapy supposedly intended to "cure" her homosexuality before being raped and nearly murdered by the serial killer Bloody Face.

    Winters eventually escapes and rises to prominence as an investigative journalist and documentary filmmaker. In 2017, Winters interviews survivor Lee Harris (Adina Porter) about her ordeals in Roanoke. So we know that Seasons 2 and 6 definitely take place in the same universe.

  • Freak Show's Mott Family Built The Roanoke House

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    The wealthy Mott family is to blame for more than just psychopath Dandy (Finn Wittrock), the deranged young heir who murders out of boredom and petulance in Season 4's Freak Show.

    Dandy's mother Gloria Mott (Frances Conroy) warns her son that madness runs in their (very inbred) family and she's right: Dandy's ancestor Edward Phillipe Mott built the Roanoke house from Season 6 in 1792 and later disappeared there.

  • Roanoke's Witch Scáthach Was The Original Supreme

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    Show creator Ryan Murphy confirmed a connection between Season 3's Coven and Season 6's Roanoke in an interview with Entertainment Weekly, saying that Scáthach (Lady Gaga) was the original Supreme, the most powerful witch and head of the coven.

    The plot of Season 3, of course, revolved around present-day witches vying to see who would become the next Supreme, carrying on Scáthach's legacy.