The Most Messed Up Things Alligators Do When They're Killing You (Or Other Living Things)

Alligators are easily one of the scariest creatures you can find in the US. These fearsome hunters spend most of their time lounging around, but once they set their mind to attacking prey, little can be done to stop them. Alligator eating habits are generally focused more on fish, small game, and even predators like Florida panthers, but that doesn't mean they won't take a bite out of a human if they feel threatened or sufficiently hungry.

How do alligators hunt? Ruthlessly. And they're not content with just biting you and making it quick; death by alligator is a process with numerous steps, all of which are brutal. With their sharp teeth, strong jaws, intelligence, and ability to sprint short distances, alligators are fearsome hunters who are perfectly suited to their role as an apex predator.