How The Most Notorious Celebrity Sex Tapes Got Leaked

In the late '90s, an influx of inexpensive recording equipment and the internet created the perfect storm for celebrity sex tapes. Suddenly it was almost too easy for a celebrity to film themselves during some steamy romantic encounter and subsequently wind up in a scandal. If you’ve ever wondered how celebrity sex tapes got leaked, it turns out there’s no one way for a mainstream celebrity to become a filthy feature star overnight.

While many celebrities who find themselves embroiled in sex tape controversy claim to be “hacked,” there are actually a lot of ways for the tapes and videos to get out. These stories behind celeb sex tapes will take you into the minds of the people who broke into Tommy Lee’s house and you’ll even see how Rob Lowe handled himself when he found out that he was about to become the laughingstock of Hollywood after his tape was released. These stories are racy, salacious, and even a little sad.