See How Drastically Classic Toys Have Changed From Their First Versions To Today

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Hot take incoming: people of all ages enjoy toys, and have done so for a large portion of human history. Which toys are best has always been a matter of opinion, but if there’s one thing all toy-lovers can agree on, it’s that there’s a drastic difference between old and new toys. This isn’t merely a case of older folks thinking that things were better “back in my day,” as it’s pretty clear that technology, graphic design, and plain ol’ materialistic excess have combined to take the world of toys from its simplistic roots and produce some of the most complex and convoluted items known to mankind.

Old-fashioned toys were all fun, in their own right, but it’s hard for them to compete with the sheer boredom-busting power of modern playthings. Photos of vintage toys are impressive, with the craftsmanship and ingenuity often visible, but they still look a bit silly when paired with images of their modern day counterparts. Toys from back then look downright quaint.