Unspeakable Times

How Crime Scene Photography Evolved From The Victorian Era To Today

The evolution of crime scene photos begins with pictures taken to identify inmates in the mid-1800s and leads right up to today's modern digital cameras capturing every minute detail of a crime scene. Tracking how crime scene photography has evolved is like going through an image-based tour of crime through the ages. In order to determine exactly how crime scene photography has changed, one first needs to understand the science and methodology behind it, which have become more sophisticated over time.

From Bertillon's grid processing to the use of infrared lighting, forensic photography has changed drastically over the years. Thanks to new technology in crime scene photography, law enforcement officials can take instantaneous pictures of evidence and share clues with other agencies. It has become far harder for the average criminal to escape justice due to these advancements. 

This almost artistic form of mystery solving is a fascinating part of the investigative process. Here is a detailed history of just how far crime scene photography has come.