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Deadpool's Life Has Gotten Even Crazier In The Last Five Years

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Most superheroes in Marvel comics lead lives that could easily be described as “crazy,” but few embody the word quite like Wade Wilson, the mercenary known as Deadpool. Seriously, there are some downright insane Deadpool facts. Deadpool’s villains are bizarre, his supporting cast is wacky, his adventures are... colorful to say the least (remember when he took out all those classic literary characters?). Perhaps most importantly, he himself is a certifiable lunatic. Throughout his comic book career, which is just over two decades old, Deadpool has continually had his life turned upside down by crazy event after crazy event, and has even done some serious life-disruption of his own. This, of course, leads to some hilarious Deadpool comics moments.

In recent years, Deadpool has seen a larger increase in popularity than any other comic book character. This is in large part due to the smash hit that was his eponymous 2016 feature film, but Wade Wilson has also had a larger presence on the printed page, as well. Unfortunately for him, more comic book storylines has equated to more disaster, upheaval, and heartbreak for the Merc with the Mouth.

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    He Was Revealed As The Original Wearer Of Venom Symbiote

    Deadpool has a history of re-writing other characters’ pasts to insert himself in them. A 2015 miniseries titled Deadpool’s Secret Secret Wars revealed that Deadpool had actually participated in the famed 1984 crossover Secret Wars, despite it being published before his actual creation.

    The original series notably saw Spider-Man picking up his symbiote suit, but the 2015 re-visitation showed Deadpool actually wearing the suit for awhile first, which corrupted it before it made its way to the webslinger. The insanity of Venom actually makes a lot more sense now. 

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    He Married A Vampire Queen

    Most superheroes have pretty frequent romantic entalgments, but Deadpool has always been an exception to the rule. His hideously-scarred face and generally repulsive personality have ensured that all potential love interests have been strictly unrequited for poor Wade Wilson.

    That all changed when he met Shikla, an ancient vampire queen who fell head over heels for our plucky mercenary. Deadpool’s grotesque appearance was actually a major turn-on for the vampiric monarch, and the two were soon married in a lavish ceremony. There have been some serious rocky moments, but the two remain a couple to this day.

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    It Was Revealed That He Killed Own Parents

    Deadpool has done some downright awful things in his career as a mercenary, but it turns out he doesn’t even remember some of his most horrific actions. This includes his single worst act: the murder of his own parents in a faked house-fire.

    For a while, Deadpool thought that Sabretooth had done the deed, leading him to wage all-out war on the self-healing mutant. But the truth came out, as it tends to do. Sabretooth dide manage to keep the brunt of the knowledge from Deadpool, in an uncharacteristically noble act from the normally murderous villain.

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    He Began Funding The Avengers

    When Deadpool became one of the most famous superheroes in the real world, his comic book counterpart followed suit in a neat bit of meta-commentary. Deadpool didn’t just achieve world-wide fame due to his superheroics, he also managed to brand himself and start merchandising his appearance.

    Deadpool was soon selling t-shirts, action figures, and mugs emblazoned with his likeness, accruing millions in profits. Deadpool, surprisingly, didn’t use his newfound fortune in a selfish manner, but instead started funding the Avengers when Tony Stark’s financial stability took a major hit. The character once known as the ultimate outsider is now the financial backer of the world’s most mainstream superhero team.

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