WATCH Creepy Things You Didn't Know About Being Decapitated  

Mick Jacobs

Losing your head via decapitation does sound like the way to be executed; after all, will you even realize it after it happens? Well, according to the studies cited in the video below, the answer is a disturbing "yes."

Apparently, the process of decapitation is not as, ahem, cut-and-dry as the guillotine would make you believe. This, of course, assumes that the guillotine manages to your head off on the first try.

Even if a clean cut gets made, people reportedly watched severed heads blink many seconds after losing the rest of their bodies. Allegedly, some even manage to bite.

When you consider this horrible information, it makes the French Revolution sound a lot worse than even Charles Dickens made it out to be. Watch the video below to learn just how awful it is to actually lose your head.