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Strip Club Employees Describe How Dirty They Really Are

Updated May 8, 2020 6.4m views18 items

Generally speaking, most people don't visit strip clubs to have good, clean fun. But even with that being the case, it's nice to visit an establishment that doesn't feel like a bio-hazard. With focus on the girls onstage, hygiene and cleanliness are often thrown to the wayside, leaving customers feeling dirty, in more than one way. What is it really like in a VIP room? Do people really do it there? Does anyone clean those places?

Strip club workers on Reddit shared some of the most repulsive hygiene practices they've witnessed in their career. From sordid surfaces, to very dirty money, you're gonna need some time to wash your hands after reading these.

  • Toilets are coated with cocaine

    "The tops of the toilet tanks often have powdery residue on them. Obviously from dancers/patrons (male or female) doing lines of coke. Some bar managers used to spray the toilet tops with Pam or wipe them with oil... was good for a laugh."

  • Employees pee in sinks rather than toilets

    "The first club that I worked in had roughly 10 girls that were brought to work from a different country. They would get up onto the counters and urinate into the sinks. We never knew why. Obviously, that was more so in the staff/dancer bathrooms, not the ones intended for public. Regardless, it was disgusting to think that we staff were to wash our hands there and then handle drinks."
  • Cash has been everywhere

    "Don't put your money where your mouth is... We washed our hands often and had sanitizing liquid at our bar and stations to cleanse our hands that had touched money that had come into contact with vaginas or mouths. I was always shocked at how many customers were willing to put money into their mouth and lay back on the stage to have it snatched off by a dancer's labia while she was doing the splits."

  • Couches are just giant sponges for bodily fluids

    "The couches in the private areas are scary. As staff, we never sat on them. Customers are known to be messy and yes, there are likely to be bodily fluids being exchanged or 'wiped' on the couches. Many men would go into the bathroom prior to getting a lap dance and put on a condom inside of their pants so that if they (you know) it would be less messy for cleanup. That certainly isn't to say that we didn't find our share of discarded condoms on the floor near the couches after hours. Full contact is actually illegal here, but it was never a surprise to see a girl, naked, grinding away on a customer's lap."