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Strip Club Employees Describe How Dirty They Really Are 

Rosa Pasquarella
Updated May 8, 2020 6.4M views 18 items

Generally speaking, most people don't visit strip clubs to have good, clean fun. But even with that being the case, it's nice to visit an establishment that doesn't feel like a bio-hazard. With focus on the girls onstage, hygiene and cleanliness are often thrown to the wayside, leaving customers feeling dirty, in more than one way. What is it really like in a VIP room? Do people really do it there? Does anyone clean those places?

Strip club workers on Reddit shared some of the most repulsive hygiene practices they've witnessed in their career. From sordid surfaces, to very dirty money, you're gonna need some time to wash your hands after reading these.

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Customers litter wherever they want
"Anything that looks like it can be used as a trashcan has been. "
Blacklights serve a dual purpose
"The black lights are for fluid detection so that employees can track down stains for spot cleaning, but they also have a way of obscuring skin imperfections and blurring some ethnic lines that may turn some men off."
Mirrors are cleaned often so security can clearly case the club

"Mirrors must be clean around the club for two reasons. First off it allows men to look without being pervy and second and most importantly for security. club managers/DJ's security need to keep an eye on things."

The bartender's hands are only as clean as the cash

"Those bartender's hands aren't that clean when they've been handling and exchanging stripper money then throwing the limes into your glass."