Total Nerd How Disney Changed The Dark Past Of Guardians Of The Galaxy  

Rebecca High

Guardians of the Galaxy is a hit movie franchise that's popular with even the youngest superhero lovers. In making the movies, however, Disney actually ditched some pretty messed up storyline origins from the OG comic books that might not have been appropriate for young fans. This video explores five major ways in which the dark past of Guardians changed when the comics became films.

Rocket Raccoon is originally from an asylum-colony planet where humanoids created robots to take care of mentally ill patients, for example. When the robots decided they didn't want that task any more, they genetically modified the planet's animals - including Rocket - to take their place.

In the comics, the character Mantis was originally a prostitute, and for the worst reasons: she was originally meant to be the madonna of the universe but was brainwashed and cast down to earth to work in a brothel.

And in the comics, Thanos actually ended up going to trial for sexual assault. Watch this video for more sordid trivia about the origins of Guardians of the Galaxy.