How Do You Feel About Kanye West?

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Vote up the statements about Kanye West that reflect how you feel about him.

Kanye West made headlines in April 2018 when he took to his Twitter account and began expressing what many consider controversial points of view. From Ye's claims that he supports President Donald Trump to his May 1, 2018, interview with TMZ – in which he describes 400 years of slavery as something that "sounds like a choice" – it seems that he's entered a new phase of what it means to be Kanye West. 

For some, Kanye West's music trumps any of his political opinions. For others, he's a fashion icon whose music is not as relevant as it once was. Still for others, West is solely Kim Kardashian's husband and the father of her children.

On top of his own strong opinions, Kanye West elicits strong feelings from others. But, how do you feel about Kanye West? Vote up the statements about Ye that best express how you see him.

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    He's attracted to power.

  • 2

    He's a drama queen.

  • 3

    He's a shameless self-promoter.

  • 4

    He's ridiculous.

  • 5

    He's a tragic example of fame gone wrong.

  • 6

    He's a celebrity with a platform that's too big.

  • 7

    He's someone I've never cared or thought much about.

  • 8

    He's an irrelevant person only the media cares about.

  • 9

    He's a misogynist.

  • 10

    He's harming the progressive agenda for equality.

  • 11

    He's someone whose music and persona I have never liked.

  • 12

    He's a washed up musician trying to stay relevant.

  • 13

    He's a sell-out.

  • 14

    He's nothing more than a reality star.

  • 15

    He's a talented musician who should stick to music and not politics.

  • 16

    He's a musical genius.

  • 17

    He's Kim Kardashian's husband and nothing more to me.

  • 18

    He's a victim of the media and overexposure.

  • 19

    He's a fashion icon.

  • 20

    He's an advocate for people who don't have a voice.

  • 21

    He's good to his fans.

  • 22

    He's Jay-Z's protege and nothing more to me.

  • 23

    He's someone who should run for president.

  • 24

    He's someone with good politics but bad music.