Total Nerd How Do You Really Feel About Star Wars?  

Ryan Carlquist
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Star Wars, as an entity, has always sparked heated debates. It's possible to be ostracized by friends and family because your thoughts on the newest A Star Wars Story are misaligned with the rest of the world's. There are those purists who prefer Lucas's original three films, and there are those who revel in the acrobatic and visual splendor of the prequel era. 

Star Wars fandom can be quite hostile, but it's a franchise that boasts about the pitfalls of exclusivity, and the importance of diversity. Being a Star Wars fan means enjoying the magic on screen, even if a person only gravitates towards one specific entry. Star Wars is an ever-evolving tapestry, and sometimes it's best to evaluate one's opinion on a franchise releasing at least one new film every year.

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339 306
I will keep consuming anything and everything 'Star Wars' for as long as the franchise continues.

272 252
I'm an obligatory 'Star Wars' viewer.

228 278
I'm annoyed by all the fan service of the Disney films.

198 291
I stopped caring because there’s too much of it now.

190 278
I go with my family as part of a tradition.

161 273
I’m casually interested.

141 328
I'm more enthusiastic about the series because of the increasingly diverse cast.

116 277
I stopped caring during the prequels.

98 246
I’ll watch them when they go on a streaming service but not in theaters.

101 273
I believe the 'A Star Wars Story' movies are more interesting than the saga films.

82 255
I'll only see a new movie if Kathleen Kennedy is no longer involved in producing.

71 232
I won’t watch any of the Disney 'Star Wars', Lucas-era only.

68 228
I'll see the movies only if they're free/I don't have to pay.

63 224
I haven’t liked a 'Star Wars' movie since the ‘80s.

69 253
I’ll see any movie set in space, regardless.

62 228
I’m going to stop going because so much of the original cast isn’t involved anymore.

57 215
I don’t care since they removed the EU from canon.

57 225
I never cared in the first place.

41 214
I won't see new films because beloved characters have been killed off.

42 232
I will continue to see them only for FOMO reasons.

42 236
I will see main saga movies but not 'A Star Wars Story' films.

36 233
I’m starting to go now because actors I like are in them.

27 207
I'll see the movies because my significant other loves 'Star Wars'.

26 202
I'll only see a new movie if real 'Star Wars' fans seem to like it.

22 210
I'll only see a new movie if I like the director.