How Do You Really Feel About Tariffs?  

Ryleigh Nucilli
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A tit-for-tat series of threats involving tariffs between the US and China fueled the news cycle the week of April 2, 2018. As retaliatory threats seemed to escalate in volume and pace, many wondered whether the tariff threats would remain speculations in a possible trade war or come to fruition, significantly impacting the economies of the countries directly involved and beyond. Some estimates put the total amounts of each country's proposed tariffs in the billions of dollars

As a result of the news, tariffs have become a conversation point at the highest levels of government and kitchen tables alike, and opinions on the matter range from support of the recent escalation to fears about the domestic impacts the tariffs could have. 

But how do you feel about tariffs? Supportive? Concerned? Uncertain? 

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I believe tariffs will raise the price of staple items in the United States.
I think tariffs create tit-for-tat trade wars that don't benefit the economies involved.
I believe tariffs are bad for the US economy.
I believe tariffs will fundamentally change production in the United States.
I believe tariffs will help keep jobs in the United States.
I don't support any tariffs; I believe in unfettered global free trade.
I believe tariffs are a powerful negotiating tool during a trade war.
I support tariffs as long as they do not impact me or my industry.
I believe tariffs are good for the US economy.
I don't care what tariffs get created as long as China suffers.
I support tariffs as long as they don't affect my family members' business interests.
I don't really understand how tariffs work, but I'd like to learn.
I support all tariffs, even those that negatively impact me.
I believe tariffs will economically benefit me.
I don't know anything about tariffs, and I don't care to learn.