How Do You Want to Be Remembered When You Die?

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Should fit the format: "I'd like to be remembered for being ____."

For most of us, leaving a legacy is super important. Life is short, so making an impact on the world is our only chance to have lasting influence or importance. So how do you want to be remembered when you die? Check out our list for some of the top qualities and adjectives. 

We've all asked ourselves: "How do I want to be remembered?" It's a big question that can inform some major life decisions. Do you want to be known as someone that was caring? Maybe successful? Filthy rich? Glamorous? Well-rounded? It's up to you to make the decision and live your life accordingly. So what do you want to be remembered for? And more importantly, what are you going to do in order to be remembered that way? 

Don't see something on our list that appeals to you? Feel free to add your own quality or personality trait. Just remember that words on the list should be adjectives and fit the format: "I'd like to be remembered for being ____."

Photo: Motown31 / Wikimedia Commons / Public Domain
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