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How The Justice League And Other DCEU Superheroes' Powers Work

April 19, 2021 46.9k views14 items

The Justice League is comprised of the most iconic heroes of all time, but attempting to give an explanation for Justice League powers can actually be pretty complicated. Superman has been around for over 80 years, but even with all that time, writers haven't developed the most logical reasoning for how he can fly. Still, the various explanations given for the powers featured in the DCEU films were delightfully laden with sci-fi jargon, and they're a ton of fun to analyze.

So, how do the Justice League superpowers actually work? How are the Justice League's powers explained to make an iota of sense? To put it frankly, even the most basic DC powers don't work the way the average viewer would assume. Thought Superman could fly? Well, sort of, but it's more complicated than that. Under the impression Flash is fast? Well, it's not the Flash who's fast; he's actually pulling in power from a different dimension. The Justice League might be the world's strongest heroes, but that doesn't mean their powers have the world's strongest explanations. 

  • Photo: Justice League / Warner Bros. Pictures

    Victor Stone, AKA Cyborg, became more robot than man after he survived a terrible car accident. Cyborg's father was unwilling to watch his son perish, so he preserved his boy and used his considerable technical abilities to create a new robotic body for Victor to inhabit. 

    In Justice League, Cyborg's powerset was a little less clear-cut than, say, Superman, but that's for a good reason. Cyborg's entire being is in a constant state of self-modification. Basically, Cyborg's body troubleshoots itself and provides him with new abilities should he need them, such as suddenly discovering he's capable of flight or turning his hand into a plasma cannon. 

  • Photo: Wonder Woman / Warner Bros. Pictures

    Wonder Woman is the child of an Amazon and one of the Old Gods - specifically, Zeus. This gives Diana incredible abilities, not just when compared to humans but even to other Amazonians. Wonder Woman is obviously a brilliant fighter and possesses heightened physical abilities. But she also has a few powers that are a bit harder to understand, like the powers provided to her by her magic bracelets. 

    Through the use of her bracelets, Wonder Woman can release blasts of energy from the Old Gods. When Wonder Woman clashes these bracelets together, a massive explosion of energy is projected, decimating anything in its path. 

  • Photo: Justice League / Warner Bros. Pictures

    Zeus is the king of the Old Gods and is possibly the most powerful being shown in the DCEU. Zeus defeated Ares in combat, as well as Darkseid. He was basically invincible but eventually perished after expending too much of his power to keep the Amazons and humanity safe after Ares terminated his siblings. 

    Zeus was the most powerful of the Old Gods, and thus he ruled over his siblings and children. He was the creator of both humankind and the Amazons. Zeus's most powerful combat ability was his power to summon celestial thunder, which he could craft and shoot out like lightning bolts. 

  • Photo: Aquaman / Warner Bros. Pictures

    Mera has all of the typical Atlantean heightened abilities, like superhuman strength and speed, but she also possesses some unusual ones. Mera is basically a water-bender and can pull and weaponize moisture from any environment. Mera can use this ability in several interesting ways, such as creating tentacles of water or incredible water spikes she can send out as projectiles.

    Mera's unique powers make her so much more than just a female Aquaman, or - god forbid - his "sidekick." She's a legitimate threat on her own, with some abilities Aquaman himself should be jealous of (although Aquaman does possess some degree of hydrokinesis, he certainly isn't a master of it in the same vein as Mera).