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How The Justice League And Other DCEU Superheroes' Powers Work

The Justice League is comprised of the most iconic heroes of all time, but attempting to give an explanation for Justice League powers can actually be pretty complicated. Superman has been around for over 80 years, but even with all that time, writers haven't developed the most logical reasoning for how he can fly. Still, the various explanations given for the powers featured in the DCEU films were delightfully laden with sci-fi jargon, and they're a ton of fun to analyze.

So, how do the Justice League superpowers actually work? How are the Justice League's powers explained to make an iota of sense? To put it frankly, even the most basic DC powers don't work the way the average viewer would assume. Thought Superman could fly? Well, sort of, but it's more complicated than that. Under the impression Flash is fast? Well, it's not the Flash who's fast; he's actually pulling in power from a different dimension. The Justice League might be the world's strongest heroes, but that doesn't mean their powers have the world's strongest explanations.