Human Body

How Every Vital Organ Keeps You Alive - And What Happens When It Stops Working

Being alive is hard work, especially for our internal organs. They are constantly working to keep our bodies from shutting down, and we in turn have to make sure that our organs are getting everything they need to do their jobs properly. Not all of our most precious organs can be replaced, so it's important to know how each vital organ works and what you can do to stay healthy.

Organ failure is one of the biggest killers in America, with heart disease coming out on top as the single most deadly ailment. So, what happens when organs stop functioning properly and is there any way to prevent the worst? While many people know certain ailments are deadly, what actually happens to the body during a heart attack, stroke, or kidney failure? These are questions that millions are forced to ask every day, and ones that could mean the difference between life and death. Hopefully, the below facts about vital organs can help you beat the reaper for just a little while longer.