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How A Single Miniseries Written Almost 20 Years Ago Predicted The Entire Future Of Marvel

Updated 14 Jun 2019 85.4k views12 items

Earth X is one of those comic book miniseries that just doesn’t get enough love. Originally published in 1999, the series has a cult following but is rarely mentioned as an all-time great, in part due to its somewhat underwhelming sequels, Universe X and Paradise X. The semi-dystopian “what if?” tale combined stunning visuals with a real sense of grandeur, as the Marvel universe was bound together in a way it had never been before. But it also did something incredible: Earth X predicted future events in the Marvel Universe years before they played out on the page.

The conceit of the series was fairly simple: the Marvel universe was depicted several decades into the future as its characters sought to unravel the central mysteries of their existence. In addition to crafting a cohesive mythology that tied everything together, writer Jim Krueger and artist Alex Ross also sought to bring their favorite characters’ story arcs to their logical conclusions. It turns out that the logical reasoning skills of these two creators must have been strong, because almost everything they wrote about ended up later happening in the mainstream Marvel universe. In many ways, Earth X can be looked at as a prophecy about the future lives of Spider-Man, the Avengers, and countless other superheroic types.

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