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Guys, Here Are All The Ways That You're Creeping Out Ladies Everyday (Without Even Realizing It)

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Even if you have the best of intentions, there are still ways you're creeping out girls every day. Browse Reddit, and you'll see examples of all the ways you're being a creep to women. These commenters aren't just talking about ridiculous Tinder pickup lines. They're sharing stories about how guys creep out women daily when they're at work, school, getting lunch, or even simply crossing the street.

It's hard to recognize that your behavior can come off as creepy. Want to change your unwelcome ways? Start by listening to the women in your life, and think about how you want to be treated. It seems obvious to say, but women are people, so grant them the respect you want for yourself.

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    You Think Being An Old Creep Is Charming

    From LynnisaMystery:

    "Old dudes who think their 'harmless' flirting is endearing. Your wife is right there. Flirt with her. Creep."

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    You Don't Listen When She Turns You Down

    From satanintraining:

    "Not respecting my 'no.' I don't need to justify why I'm not interested. I don't need to have a boyfriend for you to back off. I don't need to tell you why I'm dressed the way I'm dressed. Just NO. Respect my answer, I don't owe you anything. I don't mind people asking me for my number or asking me out as long as they are respectful when I tell them no. I respect the hell out of a man that can take rejection and not do a 180 and get invasive or rude. It makes me so uncomfortable to have to deal with these types of interactions."

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    You Use Your Children As A Pickup Line

    From BitterGlitterlady:

    "Trying to get his kid to talk about finding 'a new mummy!' (I sh*t you not!) I was once on a bus and a guy (mid 30's, I'm guessing) got on with his son (my guess is 4 or 5 years old.) Everything's normal for about 5 minutes, then I catch the guy looking me over (at the time I'm 16, and I look it) I'm like whatever anyone can look at anyone. There's a hushed conversation between him and his son and every so often the guy is eyeing me.

    15 minutes into the journey and all of a sudden the little boy goes 'but daddy that girl is too young to be my new mummy! She looks like (I'm guessing sister/cousin) and I have a mummy, she just doesn't like you anymore!' The guy goes beet red and just shuts up! I move to the other side of the bus so he can't look.

    I've had some creepy stuff done but damn, trying to get your kid in on it is disturbing! The kid was absolutely not having it though! Kids at that age have absolutely no filter and it's hilarious!"

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    You Harass Her At Night

    From bardofthemountain:

    "A group of dudes started loudly catcalling me as I was walking to my car one night. They were yelling out relatively innocuous things ('Hey beautiful' and 'I like your dress') but we were on a dark side street, they were very drunk, and there were three of them, so I was terrified by the time I reached my car.

    I get the impression that this is often the case with catcalling and a lot of public harassment – the guys probably mean well, but they have zero idea how scary it can be on the receiving end of it."

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