Dark Behind-The-Scenes Stories From 'Hannah Montana'

Young, envious viewers tend to worship child stars, but it's no secret that the lives of impressionable actors often end up dramatically and adversely affected. While the Disney Channel had many great shows, they have also seen their fair share of controversy, usually when their stars inevitably grew up and sometimes turned on the company - which is only one element of the crazy Hannah Montana stories that have surfaced since Miley left the series for real pop stardom in 2011.

What happened to the cast of Hannah Montana? Sure, we watched the aftermath of Miley's experiences as a child star, but there's a lot that happened to her behind the scenes of Hannah Montana that offers some insights on her trying transition into adulthood. There were also a lot of people on the show who stood much further from the limelight (ones we may not have heard as much about) who had struggled in various ways.

Here are some dark stories of Hannah Montana cast members who might have avoided these problems had they steered clear of Disney stardom.