Weird History An Unknown Hero Saved A US President's Life And Was Rewarded By Having His Life Publicly Destroyed  

Mick Jacobs

On September 22, 1975, a man named Oliver Sipple prevented the assassination of then-president Gerald Ford. Though the man saved a president's life, his own was about to take a nasty turn. The somber tale of Oliver Sipple plays out in the video below.

An all-American guy raised in Detroit, Sipple served in the Vietnam War as a young man and returned to the States ready to start his life. He moved around for a few years before finally settling on San Francisco.

Here in San Francisco, Sipple attended the event where he saved Gerald Ford's life. Local activists in San Francisco, including Harvey Milk, decided to pitch Sipple's story to the press, as Sipple took an active part in the community.

Unfortunately, this story revealed personal information Sipple never intended to make public, and soon his life became a subject familiar to the entire country. Watch the video below to learn how an act of heroism ripped Oliver Sipple's own life out from under him.