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15 Reactions To The 'How I Met Your Mother' Finale That Prove People Still Have Strong Feelings

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Back in 2014, many fans of How I Met Your Mother were met with crushing disappointment as the show's finale killed off the titular Mother after years of teasing. The fact that the love of Ted's life and the central focus for the long-running comedy series was pushed aside in favor of Robin made the blood boil of long-time fans. Now almost a decade later, people are still talking about the finale. Here are a few of the highest rated YouTube comments about the controversial finale. Vote up the hot takes you agree with.

Photo: CBS / YouTube

  • 1. We Heart Tracy

    We Heart Tracy
    Photo: CBS / YouTube
    165 votes
  • 2. 'Broke My Heart'

    'Broke My Heart'
    Photo: CBS / YouTube
    155 votes
  • 3. Expectations Vs. Reality

    Expectations Vs. Reality
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    153 votes
  • 4. Alternate Ending

    Alternate Ending
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    151 votes
  • 5. The Chemistry

    The Chemistry
    Photo: CBS / YouTube
    131 votes
  • 6. 'The Jaime Lannister Of Endings'

    'The Jaime Lannister Of Endings'
    Photo: CBS / YouTube
    125 votes