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How Jane Foster Becomes Thor - And What She Does As A God

Updated 30 Jul 2019 25.9k views16 items

The internet was lit aflame by the announcement that Natalie Portman’s Jane Foster becomes Thor in the film Thor: Love and Thunder - but dedicated readers of Marvel Comics were no doubt excited because it means they get to see a noteworthy storyline come to life on the silver screen. The story of how Jane Foster becomes Thor in the comic books is one that has only just played out in recent years, but it’s an arc that is already a modern classic. From 2013 to 2019, writer Jason Aaron detailed Foster’s journey to and from the role of Thor, and it’s likely director Taika Waititi will find the narrative tough to follow. 

Jane Foster as Thor is every bit as fierce, valiant, and noble as her predecessor - from whom she gains full assent to carry both the hammer Mjolnir and the name of Thor. The sight of Foster proving her worth by lifting the enchanted hammer is thrilling enough, but what happens next is truly an epic tale. 

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