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Meet The Evil, Racist Mastermind Who Saved The KKK From Going Extinct

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Mary Elizabeth Tyler may be one of the most important members of the Ku Klux Klan to have ever lived. Tyler, the woman who organized for the KKK during the early twentieth century, combined first-wave feminist ideals and tactics with xenophobia and bigotry to grow the organization to new heights, essentially reviving a near-dead organization. She sold the idea that, together, the men and women of the KKK could do anything - and they pretty much did.

Although at first she was active in rallying the (white) women around her to proactively engage in legitimate-yet-skewed social justice reforms including improving hygiene for (white) children, Tyler's eugenics-based, non-intersectional efforts soon helped extend the reach of the KKK's agenda, influence, and hatred, reshaping and reviving the once fledgling group and setting its future path. Ultimately, she not only perpetuated the graphic horror embodied by the KKK, but traded away women's rights in the process.

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