Weird History

9 Ways Your Life Today Is Far More Luxurious Than Kings' From The Middle Ages

What was daily life like for a king or queen during the Middle Ages? Contrary to what you might imagine, it didn't involve lounging in robes of silk and satin and indulging in lots of feasting. In reality, the life of medieval royals involved a lot of incest, sickness, and cold castles.

You'll probably feel better about your own situation after learning what life for royalty in medieval times was like. Women were married off to very close relatives for diplomatic purposes; on many occasions, they were only in their early teens at the time. Sadly, the death rates for mothers and children were quite high, and the general lack of hygiene most definitely didn't help.

Filled with rampant disease and brutal violence, the day-to-day lives of bygone monarchs were anything but fairy tales. Just be thankful you don't have to survive how medieval royals lived.