15 Men Reveal How They Knew They Were In Love

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Men: vote up the most obvious signs of love.

What is love? Or better yet, how do you know you are in love? These stories of how men knew they were in love help to clarify the concept a little.

Read their experiences and maybe you'll figure out how to know you're in love, too!

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    They Talked For Hours Without Getting Bored

    From Redditor u/roberthunicorn:

    Second date for me. I'd just spent another three hours talking with her, and not a single bit of it was small talk. I waited to tell her for a good long while.

    We're getting married in March.

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    He Realized He Wanted To Eat Breakfast With Her As Often As Possible

    From Redditor u/pvcducttape:

    We were eating breakfast at the diner by my apartment (which was the location for our first date), and as we were eating I looked up and realized I wanted to eat breakfast with her as many times as I could. I told her a few weeks later one night while we were lying in bed, and well, we all know where that goes.

    Got engaged last August and currently planning a wedding that will hopefully consist of breakfast foods and locally made potato donuts instead of cake.

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    He Wanted To Protect Them From Everything

    From Redditor u/BradsCanadianBacon:

    There are those moments where you're just lying next to each other staring into each other's eyes and it's a mix of wanting to kiss them, protect them from anything that could even remotely make them sad, hug them until they might pass out, all the while with this feeling of almost sickness in your gut. Love is the weirdest drug out there.

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    He Missed Her When She Wasn't Around

    From Redditor u/ApolloRocketOfLove:

    When you realize you truly miss them when they're not there. There are a handful of people I could be around all the time, but very few would I actively miss if they were not there anymore. When my girlfriend went back home for two weeks, I was more aware of my love for her than ever before.

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    He Was Comforted By Her Presence

    From Redditor u/Sdavis2911:

    I was having a bad day and had to stop by my GF's house (now wife). When I'm mad I don't want to be near anybody and I especially hate it when people hug me when I'm upset. I'd rather be alone and calm down. But she came out the front door and hugged me and there was this utter peace that just swept over me and I relaxed instantly. My body was telling my brain what I already knew: she was the one.

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    They Didn't Have To Say A Word To Each Other

    From Redditor u/pandaset:

    When being together but without saying a word to each other for a while, I still felt amazing being there with her and knew she was feeling the same. Just like both of us inside a bubble, no need to say or do anything.

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