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How Naruto Characters Look In Boruto Compared To Their Original Form

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While Boruto, Sarada, Mitsuki, and the other new characters who were introduced in Boruto are awesome in their own right, one of the best things about the sequel to Naruto is finding out what's going on with all the characters viewers are already familiar with. 

With that in mind, let's take a look at what Naruto characters look like in Boruto - and what they've been up to since the time skip. Some characters, like Kakashi Hatake, look pretty much exactly the same, while others, like Anko Mitarashi, have noticeably changed. In terms of their life paths, everyone probably expected that Naruto Uzumaki would become the Hokage, but who would have thought that Shino Aburame would become a school teacher?

Do you like these changes, or do you think that they could use a redesign?

  • Kakashi's appearance has hardly changed at all since Boruto. Why doesn't he seem to have aged at all? Perhaps because after years of working as the Hokage, he's finally semi-retired. 

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  • Once a teacher at Ninja Academy, Iruka Umino now works as the principal. He also participated in Naruto's wedding to Hinata as his father figure.

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  • Hinata Hyuuga's ninja days are largely behind her. These days, her housewife duties take up most of her time. She's Naruto's wife, and Boruto and Himawari's mother.

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  • Sakura still works as a ninja and a medical professional, but now she's added motherhood to the mix. She and Sasuke have a daughter named Sarada, and for most of Sarada's life, it's been Sakura who's taking on the bulk of the parenting. 

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