Here's How High Maintenance You Are, According To Your Zodiac Sign

Every astrological sign comes with its own sets of perks and quirks that break down even the most intricate parts of your personality - be they good or bad. But just how needy is each zodiac sign? Thankfully, figuring out the answer to this question isn't exactly rocket science. The highs and lows of your social skills can be explained with ease thanks to the stars.

Do you consider yourself an easy-going or high maintenance person? From the attention-absorbing Leo to the emotionally insecure Cancer, the traits associated with your astrological entity can determine just how needy you are based on your zodiac sign. Whether you're a bouncing, charismatic bubble, or so quiet that people think you're a total creep, there's a cosmic explanation for all of your social interactions. 

Social butterflies and recluses alike need to look no father than their star charts to see where they stand on the neediness scale. The most expressive characteristics these signs possess can help you figure out which of the 12 members of the zodiac are the neediest astrological signs right off the bat.


  • Aries, it's not the end of the world if everything doesn't go your way. Just because you're the first zodiac sign doesn't mean that you have to always be the first thing everyone thinks about in the mornings. Not only do you demand attention, you also demand constant excitement.

    Easily bored, much? Definitely. If you're not constantly entertained, you'll zip right off to something that's more worthy of your time - but not without causing a fuss over it first.

  • If something isn't appealing to you, you will be everything but into it. You're a stubborn one, Taurus, with the hard-headedness and arrogance of the bull your star sign embodies. You don't budge when it comes to getting what you want, so it's almost like everyone has to do everything your way all the time.

    You can never just relax and deal with something, but you certainly don't see a problem or any need for an attitude adjustment. Honestly, others might find you more appealing if you just chill out a bit.

  • You're a smart, funny, and expressive companion to have, Gemini! The importance of communication in your life makes you easy to talk to and your compassionate nature just emits easy-going vibes wherever you go. You've proven countless times that you don't have any problems making friends.

    The one problem with this is that you can flip-flop between hot and cold, leaving people unsure where they stand with you. Having to constantly gauge what personality you're going to treat them to on any particular occasion can be exhausting; maybe try to find a middle ground so people aren't constantly wondering which "you" they'll be talking to that day.


    Oh you sweet, fragile crab. On one hand, you're loving, charismatic, and oh-so-caring - on the other, you're wishy-washy and insecure. You're not high maintenance in the sense that things have to go your way, but you're certainly not above pouting and guilt-tripping others if you're in a mood.

    Typically a chill personality that goes with the flow, your friends might feel as if they have to walk on eggshells around you - since anything that makes you feel inferior is straight-up offensive.

  • Wow, OMG look, it's Leo again! Your hair looks great! You have the best personality! It's so awesome just to bask in your presence! This is the only acceptable way to greet you, Leo, because anything else simply does not express the glory of your presence on this planet.

    The complete center of attention, you're the biggest diva around. You're the embodiment of the Sun - and just like how the planets in the solar system circle the big, bright, fireball, you insist that others revolve around you. If attention slips away from you for even a second, a whirlwind of drama is bound to erupt. Feel free to tone it down a bit.


    As a Virgo, you care more about intellectual stimulation than you do about making a fuss over anything. Drama just isn't your thing, but timeliness and organization are built into your essence. Unfortunately, your nit-picking, coupled with your introverted demeanor and the way you hold yourself in high regard, might make you come off as conceited, selfish, and bossy to others.

    In their defense, your determination for perfection does make you a bit demanding - but it's only because you value the efforts that you put into your work. You need to stay on track and on top of things to feel at ease, but others might find you more enjoyable to be around if you relax and give them some slack.