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Remember When Ren And Stimpy Started To Suck? Well, It Was All Nickelodeon's Fault

In 1991, John Kricfaulsi's nightmarish masterpiece The Ren & Stimpy Show debuted, and it remains one of the best Nickelodeon shows of all time. It was weird, it was gross, and it was wildly inappropriate for children, but it was also genius and it never had a chance due to the network it was on. Ren and Stimpy's second season began as great as the first but halfway through Nickelodeon could no longer allow Kricfalusi's controversial reign to continue, so they axed him, and the show began its steady roll downhill.

Fans of the show will probably say it became an immediate disaster upon John K.'s departure. While shows where the main writer was fired do sometimes immediately get bad, that's not necessarily the case for Ren and Stimpy's decline. The Ren and Stimpy theories run rampant but the facts are relatively straight forward. 

Here's how Nickelodeon ruined Ren and Stimpy placing it forever on lists of shows that have a horrible second season and that were never allowed to live their TV truth.