Non-Americans Are Pointing Out The Most 'American' Things People Do, And The Answers Are Hilarious

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Vote up the most accurate ways that non-Americans have spotted Americans.

O say, can you see all the ways that non-Americans have easily spotted Americans? Check them out below.

All answers courtesy of this AskReddit.

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    Celsius? Never Heard Of Her.

    From Redditor u/agent_kater:

    "It was 90 degrees outside." (I hope that is a reasonable number).

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    That's A Pretty Good Giveaway

    From Redditor u/Spooginho:


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    What Is It In Other Countries?

    From Redditor u/butterybakedpotato:

    Saying “sophomore, senior,” etc.

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    The Struggle Is Real

    From Redditor u/tobydiah:

    European friend: why do you guys drive so much? Such a waste of gas.

    American: I’m usually not in the mood to spend over an hour to get eggs from the store.

    European friend: then why don’t you move closer to where everything is?

    American: Then I won’t have money for those eggs.

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    It's Not A Thing Everywhere

    From Redditor u/flame2454:

    "Why didn't you leave a tip?"

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    Anything Can Be A Breakfast Food If You Try Hard Enough

    From Redditor u/gorka_la_pork:

    Based on my own experience as an American abroad: realizing that other countries don't have doughnut shops open for breakfast, because doughnuts aren't a breakfast food.

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