Ranking Original ‘Naruto’ Characters Based On How They’re Written In ‘Boruto’

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One of the most challenging things about Boruto as a series is that it takes beloved characters from Naruto and imagines what they'd be like several decades later. It has to balance maintaining the integrity of the characters with remaking them in a new context.

In some cases, they do a great job. Characters like Ino and Konohamaru are even better as adults, while characters like Might Guy retain their awesomeness. But in other cases, characters become lesser versions of their previous selves - a lot of people are disappointed about what happened with Shino and Hinata. When it comes to characters like Naruto and Sasuke, it gets complicated.

Let's rank these character changes from best to worst. Who changed for the better? That's up to you.


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    As a teenager, Ino was hot-headed and sharp-tongued. As an adult, she's transformed her accidental cruelty into strength. She doesn't lash out at others anymore, but she doesn't let anyone mess with her, and she has a great deal of empathy for kids like Kawaki whose behavior is less than ideal. 

    Her combination of elite sensory skills and leadership prowess make her the perfect person to lead the Konoha Barrier Team. Any problems that she had manipulating her Mind Body Switch Technique are gone. She's one of the most respected shinobi in her field, and for good reason. 

    But when her son Inojin doesn't seem to be all that adept at sensory stuff, she doesn't have a problem with it - she wants him to be true to himself and pursue what makes him happy. So she's not just an awesome ninja - she's a good mother, too. 

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      As an adult, Shikamaru has pretty much become his father. He's a high-ranking official who advises the Hokage on logistics and planning that he otherwise could not manage himself. He's married to a woman who verbally eviscerates him, just like his mother used to. He has a kid who he plays shogi with once in a while. 

      Is Shikamaru turning into Shikaku 2.0 inherently a bad thing? Not exactly, but it's not particularly interesting or creative either. Fans have already seen this all play out. The fact that Shikadai is essentially Shikamaru's childhood self with some mild differences doesn't help much, either. 

      Also, while viewers still get to see his strategic mind at work, they don't really get to see him fight. That's okay - he never really wanted to do that in the first place and is happy with a support position. Still, it adds to the overall sense that his full capabilities aren't really on display anymore. 

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        Back in the old days, Sakura wasn't popular among fans. She frequently insulted her teammates, was excessively aggressive, and took a long time to be able to fight without relying on others. 

        As an adult, Sakura's temper is under control. She's much more reasonable than she was as a child. Yes, she occasionally lets her strength get the better of her and accidentally destroys her own house, but she no longer has mean girl vibes.

        She's also cool in a way that's impossible to deny. Her punches pack incredible power, but she's more than just strong. She's a fully trained doctor who doesn't just direct the hospital - she also spearheaded Konoha's first program for children's mental health.

        While her career sometimes keeps her from caring for her daughter, she finds a way to prioritize her, too. She expresses her opinions about Sarada's training and asserts her expertise as a medical professional while also letting Sasuke take charge when it comes to her Sharingan - she knows he's the expert there. 

        Her edges have been smoothed, and her good traits have only gotten better.

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          Konohamaru used to be a little kid who was constantly challenging Naruto to a fight. As the Hokage's grandson, he was under a lot of pressure to succeed, and he really wanted to live up to expectations. As an adult, he's a jonin-level shinobi who is in charge of the new Team 7 - Boruto, Sarada, and Mitsuki's team. His biggest struggle invovles figuring out when to let his strong-willed students get their way, and when to force them to obey orders. Though not nearly as powerful as the previous Team 7 leader, he has opportunities to show off his skills. He's come a long way from the little kid he used to be.

          Shoutout to his buddy Udon, who somehow figured out how to use his nasal problems for combat.