Why Are Some Parking Lots Arranged Diagonally And Others Are Straight?

What's the logic behind parking lots? Why are some arranged diagonally, and others laid out straight? It turns out that there’s a lot more to parking lot design than simply painting lines on a sheet of asphalt. Complex decisions regarding spacing, number of spots, efficiency, and flow of traffic all go into creating the perfect place to leave cars. The science of how parking lots are arranged is fascinating.

Take a drive through any city, and you'll likely notice lots with diagonal versus straight parking spots. Why parking lots look different has a lot to do with how the lot is used. Different angles change the amount of spots available in any given lot, and can impact how quickly drivers can get in and out of spaces.

But what angle of entry is best? Should traffic be one-way or two-way? How many shopping cart corrals does one truly need? All of these choices, and more, are made by the great mathematical minds behind parking lots.