film 10 Reasons You Shouldn't Trust Rotten Tomatoes' Movie Rating System  

Shanell Mouland
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"Let's watch a movie tonight," you say to your significant other, your best friend, your cat, inadvertently setting yourself on a path to discovering how Rotten Tomatoes lies to you. But whatever will you choose? With so many options, you've got to find a way to narrow down your choices. You quickly check Rotten Tomatoes to see what's "Fresh." Surely, if 87% of people enjoyed a film, you will as well. Right? Well, not so fast, because there are some deceptive things about Rotten Tomatoes. 

Do you really know how Rotten Tomatoes works? Or, for that matter, does anyone? Film criticism in the age of corporate sponsorship is a tricky thing. After all, Warner Bros. owned Rotten Tomatoes at some point, and still holds a minority stake, and Fandango owns the majority stake. Is Rotten Tomatoes really ensuring these films are receiving fair and meaningful reviews

Perhaps you think all of this is a bit moronic. Does anyone really care about Rotten Tomatoes and whether or not we understand what it means? Well, yeah, actually. Because Rotten Tomatoes scores can make or break a movie, and are even used in advertising campaigns.