Graveyard Shift

All The Gruesome Ways Scientists Removed Skeletons From Human Bodies

The history of skeleton extraction is not for the faint of heart. While most skeletons used in medical research today are plastic, just a few centuries ago medical students were working with actual human skeletons. Where did these skeletons come from? Techniques for skeleton removal varied and bodies were sometimes obtained via some sort of sketchy means. Whichever method was used, the process was always generally macabre. 

How scientists removed skeletons from bodies varied depending on the time period, as well as a scientist's own personal preference. Chemical substances or boiling water were used to strip down the corpse, and any excess flesh was removed. While most skeletons were used in medical research, some were put on display for public amusement or education. Regardless of how the skeletons were used, the work of stripping away the flesh was a grisly task.